Experiencing Pain During Sex? Here's Why You Shouldn't Ignore It

Painful sex is a common issue with many women since nearly 75% of sexually active American women experience it at some point in their lives. Illness, hormonal changes, and even stress can be the culprit behind any discomfort. But, no matter the cause, it’s not a condition you have to live with.

The doctors at Southeast Urogyn in Jackson, Mississippi, specialize in diagnosing and treating conditions that cause sex to be painful. They handle this sensitive health issue discretely and knowledgeably, so you can comfortably return to your regular routine. Here are some potential causes of painful sex that may be affecting you.


The maelstrom of hormonal activity taking place at the end of childbearing years may take its toll on your vaginal function. Dryness, thinning vaginal walls, and loss of sexual responsiveness can arise in menopausal women, though symptoms can vary in intensity among people.

Changes in menopause that cause sex to be painful can be temporary or ongoing. Potential treatments include hormone therapy in the form of topical creams or oral drugs, and laser treatments, which can stimulate collagen production for a drug-free approach. 

Vaginal dryness

You don’t need to be menopausal to experience vaginal dryness. Your hormones are often in a state of flux, and this may affect the amount of natural lubrication produced during sexual arousal. Even if dryness has never been an issue for you before, your body may not always respond with adequate lubrication if you’re in the mood.

Using a lubrication product is an easy way to add that little extra you may need now and then. Remember to use a water-based product if your contraception plan includes condoms. Call Southeast Urogyn for an appointment if your vaginal dryness becomes chronic. 


The period after childbirth is another time when your hormones go through a major upheaval. While you’re breastfeeding, you may undergo hormonal changes that leave your vagina drier than usual. As your baby gets older, your body will likely revert to its normal behavior.

In the meantime, use topical estrogen and sexual lubricants as you would for other vaginal dryness conditions. Consult with Southeast Urogyn if these measures aren’t enough to relieve your vaginal pain. 

Deep pain

The location of the pain you experience may provide clues to the cause behind the problem. Vaginal dryness and changes to vaginal walls usually feel more “forward,” or closer to the outside of the vagina.

Sometimes, though, you may feel deep pain, and this may be due to medical conditions not tied as closely to hormonal changes. Causes of deep pain during sex may include:

Pelvic inflammatory disease 

If you have pelvic inflammatory disease, intercourse may be painful due to the inflammation of tissue in your pelvis.

Ovarian cysts

The presence of a penis during sex can cause pain by pressing on unusually located ovaries, and this could be magnified by the presence of cysts.


When uterine wall tissue grows outside of the uterus, it can cause pain during sex, particularly at the time of your menstrual period.

There’s no need to endure pain or discomfort during sex. To learn more, book an appointment over the phone with Southeast Urogyn today.

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