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It's Time for Your Well Woman Exam; Here's What to Expect

It's Time for Your Well Woman Exam; Here's What to Expect

Sexual and reproductive health can be sensitive issues, so it helps to have a high level of comfort with your gynecologist. One of the best ways to build this rapport is through annual well woman exams. These occur when you’re not concerned with active health issues, giving you a better chance to connect with your practitioner. 

At Southeast Urogyn, our team focuses on compassionate and personalized care with an emphasis on patient education about female health issues. We specialize in well woman exams as part of our commitment to these goals. 

Wellness exams are like regular dental checkups or an annual physical. You have no current health issues and you’re proactively seeking medical assistance to keep a close eye on known health risks that are easy to treat the earlier they’re found. 

This holds true with a well woman exam from Southeast Urogyn. For your comfort, we have a team of female providers to carry out these exams. Knowing what to expect from your appointment can also boost your comfort level. 

The basics

Your vital signs present a snapshot view of your health, particularly when your provider can compare results with previous visits. They check things like: 

While your blood pressure isn’t strictly considered a vital sign, high blood pressure produces no symptoms until it reaches an advanced stage, so testing is the only way to recognize the condition. A change to any of these health statistics could provide clues about concerning changes in your health. 

Your history

Changes in your life happen all the time. There are occasions when these might have an impact on your life. A new romantic partner, plans for pregnancy, change of household, or a new job are examples of events that could happen between well woman visits. 

Updating your provider may give context for their observations as well as points of focus for the remainder of your exam. 

This is also the point when we ask you questions that might be sensitive, things like sexual activity including new partners, your comfort during sex, and changes or irregularities in your menstrual cycle. 

It helps when you have an established relationship with us to ease the embarrassment these questions might otherwise generate. The reason for asking is strictly about health evaluation. 

Blood work

We may requisition blood tests based on your history, current health, or routine screening. These tests can reveal nutritional or hormonal issues as well as a range of general health markers like blood sugar and cholesterol levels. 

Pelvic and breast exams

These are common screening tests to detect early signs of cancer or precancerous conditions. Sometimes, a pelvic exam may include a Pap smear, but this isn’t usually done unless you have certain risk factors that make more frequent testing necessary. 

Review and education

Perhaps the most understated benefit of a well woman exam is the chance to ask about women’s health in general and your body in particular. We’re well-equipped to answer your questions, provide literature and pamphlets, and advise you of other health resources. There’s no question or topic that’s off limits. We’re here to help. 

Call our nearest Southeast Urogyn office — Madison or Flowood, Mississippi — to schedule your next well woman exam. It’s the best way to protect your future health, so book your appointment today.

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